You Can Get Free Insurance Of Up To Rs 10 Lakh Through Debit Card, Know What Is The Way To Claim

Insurance News : Nowadays almost everyone uses debit card and ATM to pay all their bills. By using debit card and ATM, your bill is paid in a few minutes and this process is very easy but very few people know that debit card is not only used to pay bills but debit card has many other benefits like debit card insurance, life insurance, accidental insurance and travel insurance. If you pay with debit card, then you get many more benefits, so in this post we will give information about what are the other benefits of debit card.

You Can Get Free Insurance Of Up To Rs 10 Lakh Through Debit Card, Know What Is The Way To Claim

What is debit card insurance?

Debit card insurance is a coverage given by the bank to its customers. Through this, the customer can get financial security in case of debit card theft or loss. If you also do not know the coverage of your debit card insurance well, then for this you will get complete information by calling the customer care number of your bank.

What are the benefits of debit card insurance?

The biggest advantage of shopping with a debit card is that it protects the purchased items from theft or damage, but it is valid only for 90 days after purchase. Also, some banks also provide accidental insurance of crores of rupees on debit cards. Accidental insurance is given to debit card holders, that is, they are given Rs 5 lakh to 10 lakh in case of untimely death.

Who gets debit card insurance coverage?

Debit card insurance coverage is issued by the bank and also depends on the different types of debit cards. It is not that if you have more than one debit card of a bank, then you will have more than one insurance. No matter how many cards you have, but you are given only one insurance by a bank. To know which debit card insurance you have or what type of debit card you have, read its information carefully.

How to claim the benefits of debit card insurance

The debit card insurance coverage holder has to immediately inform the bank if his debit card is lost or stolen. The process of claiming this insurance may vary from debit card holder to debit card holder or from bank to bank. Debit card insurance coverage is an add-on process. For this, the card holder has to pay a fee. Also, there should be a minimum balance in the account. In case of loss or theft of the debit card, you can claim debit card insurance only after filing a complaint with the police, necessary documents or completing KYC.