Even 100 Year Olds Can Take Health Insurance, People With Chronic Diseases Ccan Also Avail The benefits, Know The Method

New Delhi: Insurance has become an important demand of today’s time. Just as in earlier times, priority was given to food, clothing and shelter, similarly in today’s time insurance has become a basic need of a person. Insurance not only provides social, family and financial security to a person, but also eliminates worries about the future of the person.

Health insurance

Health insurance is important

Whenever it comes to insurance, a person is usually confused as to which insurance to take? Which insurance can be beneficial for his family? Let us tell you here that insurance is also of many types. In today’s era, the way diseases have surrounded the person, the need for health insurance is being felt the most. It is often seen that any disease suddenly comes to any person’s house. In such a situation, a mental and financial burden falls on that person. Health insurance can be a better option to get rid of all these.

Insurance depends on age limit

If we talk about health insurance, then different rules have been set regarding age limit. Different insurance companies charge different premiums for age. Until some time ago, health insurance could not be taken after a certain age. But today we will tell you such information, after which even older people will be able to take advantage of it.

People up to 100 years can also take insurance

People between the ages of 65 to 100 years can take insurance of Rs 2 crore under health insurance. Recently, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority IRDA had given instructions to implement health insurance for senior citizens above 65 years of age. After this, different insurance companies have launched their products keeping senior citizens in mind. Private insurance companies have launched products for people up to 100 years of age. People already suffering from any disease have also been given the facility to take the policy. But they have to pay only 10% extra premium.

IRDA issued instructions to insurance companies

Giving information about this, Vice President of Vidal Health TPA, Lavnil Arora says that till now health insurance could be taken only till the age of 65 years, but recently IRDA had given instructions to issue health insurance for senior citizens above this age. After this, the age limit of insurance has been made 100 years. Despite having chronic diseases, insurance companies are giving policies.

Checkups of the policy holder will start from the first day

Checkups of the policy holder start from the first day itself. For those who have had any chronic disease before, a policy named ‘Senior First’ has been started. However, every company is determining the premium according to its product. There will also be a waiting period of two to three years for this. The important thing is that while taking the policy, you must tell which disease you have had before.

The premium of the policy will depend on the age

The premium of the policy will be decided according to the age. For example, if your policy is 10 to 20 years old and your age is 80 years, then you will have to pay the premium according to the age group of 80 years.